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Intelligent, creative, and honest with a healthy dose of moxie.

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July 2021 - Current

Launched my business: Kate Shelley Design. Projects include, but not limited to: websites, graphics, and marketing materials. Focuses: UX design, business development, brand building, SEO optimization, media developer (newsletter and social), and whatever peaks my interest! 

April 2021 - July 2021

Official UX Design certificate completion.

September 2019 - February 2021

Managed complete re-brand including marketing plan, design, budget, forecasting, and sales strategies. Reconfigured and managed e-commerce and shipping platforms for customer experience, accuracy, compliance, and compatibility with desktop, iOS, and Android operating systems. Researched, tested, and implemented CRM software, marketing software, and reservation system. Continuous market research to identify potential improvements, business strategies, and clients.  Created social media platform and began brand awareness program that included hiring a PR agency. Set clear, motivating, expectations with staff to establish performance standards. Formed employee development program, including ongoing training sessions and the content creation. Wrote SEO monthly press releases to drive traffic and attention to brand.

March 2016 - August 2019

Implemented and increased e-commerce sales via website management and integration with additional sales platforms. Realigned SEO content to increase traffic and brand awareness. Directed migration of website and sales systems to Commerce7 and Hubspot. Designed and wrote copy for all marketing and print materials for entire brand. Collaborated with coworker to create brand style and guideline. Hired and worked alongside marketing department to develop consumer communication copy, marketing strategies, and brand activations. Developed B2B communication channels for effective communication and flow of information amongst clients, coworkers, and partners via email and website; providing inventory updates, progress reports, and allowing flexible access to live data. Utilized Slack to form effective communication paths for each department and overall staff interaction. Developed business by flourishing wholesale sales by 174% in 27 months and increasing brand awareness by personally expanding presence into 4 additional states: NY, IL, LA, and AR by researching and seeking out maven style establishments that had an interest in unique wines. Made Texas History by coining and running all aspects of the first-ever 100% Texas wine festival “Texas Wine Revolution”, a non-profit organization to build awareness and market Texas Wine.

July 2013 - February 2016

Envisioned, drafted, and brought to life over 15 creative, reoccuring public events to bring local communities together at 4 separate establishments simultaneously while maintaining brand consistency for each via designing marketing materials, testing and prototyping, and building E-commerce websites and functioning customer sales platforms. Built framework of e-commerce store and manipulated POS software to accommodate sales when off-site and/or no internet service. Project lead on research and discovery of new technology for reservation booking system. Designed and constructed marketing campaigns for all public and private events at 4 separate wineries, including SEO, digital pieces, social media, website, and e-commerce. Trained and motivated tasting room staff at 4 fast-paced wineries (30+ people) on customer service, protocols, sales techniques, values, and mission. 

October 2010 - October 2012

Designed and created 10+ wine and cocktail menus for accounts. Generated table tent designs on monthly basis. Explored new territories/businesses to sell to through analytical research and personal inquiries. Sold into 82 accounts worth $1M+, acquiring 32 new accounts and growing revenue by 40% within first 9 months by relationship building and finding right product fit for customers. Won Diageo portfolio top salesperson award.

October 2012 - June 2013

Created all wine club brochures, forms, marketing materials. Restructured 6 existing wine clubs into 3 more profitable and less confusing wine clubs. Engineered interactive online ordering and wine club account system and tested daily for improvements and mistakes, enhancing member experience and driving overall customer satisfaction.

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